Sept. 21, 2022

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London, UK

Sea Containers Restaurant London - London, UK

The New Frontier of Work: Staying Connected in a Hybrid World

The last number of years will be remembered as the period that completely transformed how we work. Practically overnight, an estimated 42% of employees became full-time remote workers, and businesses had to shift operations to facilitate a predominantly remote workforce. 

Now, as businesses begin to plan for the future, it's clear that the landscape of work has changed. 83% of workers want their company to offer a hybrid work model post-pandemic, and 63% of hyper- growth companies have already implemented "productivity anywhere" workforce models. 

The most pressing issue facing companies now is building and refining a digital infrastructure to facilitate the flexible work model. Teams need comprehensive tools that support collaboration and enable them to work together from anywhere.

We'll discuss the technology teams are relying on to collaborate in the era of flexible work, including asynchronous tools, IM platforms, and collaborative work management.


  • Implementing hybrid and flexible work policies in 2022
  • How companies are managing dispersed teams
  • The technology being used to connect workers



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